At Train Fit, we love the genuine endorsements we get from people who are serious about running. Recently we were excited to hear that our products were making life easier for perhaps the most serious runner in the UK.

On the 17th April, Nick Butter set out to break a long distance running world record, aiming to run the entire coast of Great Britain, completing 200 marathons in 100 days... Yes you read it right... 200 marathons in 100 days. If he completes the challenge, Nick will become the first person to ever run 100 double marathons back to back.

Run Britain is one of the most unique and difficult endurance challenges ever attempted on UK soil. It will require Nick to run for 14 hours per day, covering 52.4 miles (a double marathon) every day for 100 days. Nick will set out from the Eden Project in Cornwall and run anticlockwise around the British coast until his journey concludes, where it started, on the 26th July.

Throughout the course of the 100-day challenge, Nick will run 5,240 miles... and Train Fit will be with him every step of the way.

Nick is a long-time fan of our running gear and has taken his Train Fit vest on previous adventures, using it to run 100 marathons in 100 days in Italy.

In recognition of his incredible project, and Nick’s appreciation for Train Fit, we’ve made a one-off Run Britain edition of both our V1 and VR vests. Both will be seen up and down the UK as Nick makes his way around the coastline in 100 days.

Train Fit is proud to support a challenge that simultaneously celebrates physical endurance and the need for social conscience. Run Britain was devised to generate funding for ‘The 196 Foundation’, Nick Butter’s non-profit organisation that manage projects to support communities all over the world. Through donations, they aim to provide education and infrastructure to those that need it most.

It’s our mission to create products that can boost the performance of serious athletes pushing their limits, but we also hope that our products, and the athletes that wear them, can be a source of inspiration for people at all stages of their own personal journeys. Whether you’re setting out to run the length of the UK, or you’re in search of motivation for your first run, Train Fit can enhance the process.

You can follow Nick Butter’s progress as he attempts to Run Britain on both his and our Instagram pages. Nick will also carry a live tracker on his way round the British coast which went live yesterday on Nick’s website:

Follow the journey as Nick Butter, with the help of Train Fit, changes the face of UK running.